Sterling Gelatin  involved in manufacturing of gelatin for pharmaceutical and edible uses. We have collaboration with CRODA Colloids, a world leader in gelatin technology, to set up brand new Gelatin manufacturing facility at Baroda, India. The gelatin can be used for food, photographic, cosmetics, metal, refining, paper, plastics, toiletries, collage, meat, leather, jelly, gel, grade, hard, soft, capsules, shell, vitamin, encapsulation, tablet.

Sterling gelatins are available in 25 kg and 50 kg woven polypropylene sacks, or 25kg and 50 kg multiply paper sacks, all containing a polythene liner. Larger pack sizes are available on request.

Gelatins should be stored in the sealed containers in cold dry conditions away from odoriferous materials. Once opened, the container can be resealed without detriment to the contents. Under such conditions, gelatins are generally considered to be stable almost indefinitely, although there is some evidence that they may show a slight reduction (of less than 1% per year) in Bloom gel strength on extended storage. Recommended storage life is a maximum of five years, after which the gelatin should be retested for Bloom.


Complementary to the production of gelatins we also produce Dicalcium Phosphate that finds application in the cattle feed and fertilizer industry

Legislation and International classification
All Sterling pharmaceutical gelatins comply with the current EuP and USP(XXI).
European Inventory of Existing Chemical Substances no.(EINECS no.) 2325546
Standard International Trade Classification 599.55

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