Liquidation Process

          Stakeholder's Consultation Committee dated 21.06.2021
          Intimation of Filing of the List of Stakeholders Updated Version - 1 with the Adjudicating Authority
          List Of Stakeholders of Sterling Biotech Limited- Updated Version -1 dated 07.06.2021
          Intimation of Filing of List of Stakeholders (VERSION-1) with Adjudicating Authority
          List Of Stakeholders Of Sterling Biotech Limited- Version -1 Dated 23.04.2021
          Invitation for submission of a Scheme under Section 230 of the Companies Act, 2013 in the matter of Sterling Biotech Limited (10.03.2021)
          Process Document_Section 230 Scheme (V1) Dated 10.03.2021
          Form-B Public Announcement on 27.02.2021
          SC Order dated 22.02.2021
          NCLAT Order dated 18.11.2019
          Order dated 23.09.2019 passed by NCLAT
          Order dated 06.09.2019 passed by NCLAT
          Order dated 28.08.2019 passed by NCLAT
          Order dated 16.07.2019 passed by NCLAT
          Order dated 31.05.2019 passed by NCLAT
          Order dated 30.05.2019 passed by NCLAT
          Order dated 23.05.2019 passed by NCLAT
          Order for Liquidation Commencement of the Corporate Debtor and appointment of Liquidator
          Form B-Public Announcement
          RBI Reference Rate as on 10.05.2019
          Form C
          Form D
          Form E
          Form F
          Form G

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